Snoopy’s Costume Party at Knott’s #CampSpooky

Our little Pumpkin and Rock Star!

The kids got up bright and early  for an exciting day at Knott’s for Snoopy’s Costume Party. We couldn’t wait to get to Camp Spooky! Marissa (10) put on her black leggings, boots, hot pink and black net shirt and spray painted her hair bright pink to complete her rock star look. Jessie (4) wore her cute pumpkin dress with green and orange striped leggings and green stem headband. Off to Buena Park we went!

After checking in at the Knott’s entrance, we headed over to the Grizzly Creek Lodge for breakfast with the Peanuts Gang. The kids loved being greeted by Snoopy and friends! Everything was yummy – scrambled eggs, French toast, bacon, sausage, and a danish. Juice for the kids. Coffee for me and Jim. Perfect! After breakfast the girls decorated cookies.

After cookies, the kids followed the scavenger hunt list for candy. (Lots of sugar today!) There were trick or treat stations all over the area. After a quick walk through the Great Pumpkin Hay Bale Maze we spent the rest of the day on the rides! Jessie loved Charlie Brown’s Speedway! She couldn’t stop laughing each time the car whipped around on the turns. Jim screamed and laughed with Jessie, too. This made it even more funny. *mark as favorites in my mental hard drive*  Cherishing these moments big time….

Charlie Brown’s Speedway

Timberline Twister

We had fun on all the little rides at Camp Spooky. The kids did the Timberline Twister roller coaster twice, Jessie enjoyed the Rocky Road Truckin’ Company and tired herself out on the self-powered Huff and Puff ride. Jim honked the horn more than the kids did on the truck ride. Haha!

Jessie worked hard on the Huff and Puff!

Rocky Road Truckin’ Company

Our favorite ride at Knott’s is the Timber Mountain Log Ride, located past Calico Square near the railroad track. We saved that ride for our last ride.. We ended the day happy, tired and soaked from the log ride. Marissa got the brunt of splash since she was sitting in the front. Good times!

Thank you Knott’s for a fun day!

For more info about Halloween festivities at Camp Spooky:


Song: “Ghostbusters” by Ray Charles, Jr.

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  1. Thanks for sharing CampSpooky. Knott’s has changed since I lived in walking distance as a child. I’ll have to take my grandkids!


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