Fun things to Do: Pretend City

I took Jessie to Pretend City this week and we had so much fun! I decided to take all the clips I shot of her & created a mini show called it “A Day With Jessie: Pretend City.”

You won’t find anyplace more kid friendly than Pretend City. Everything is kid sized and designed to let you explore your imagination.

Lots of pretend establishments to see:

  • Bank with ATM to withdraw pretend money
  • Ralphs grocery store
  • Farm
  • Construction Site
  • Amphitheater complete with costumes and a working sound & light board
  • Art Studio
  • Health Center
  • Post Office
  • Fire Station with Dispatch Center
  • Marina – fun water play area!
  • Cafe – Jessie loves to play restaurant!
  • Police Station
  • Gas Station
  • Beach

So much to do! Jessie spent about 3 hours visiting each area and was so entertained. Her favorite spots were the Marina and Cafe. She loved playing with the toy boats and fishing pole with magnetic fish. I loved watching her build the most amazing felt pizza for me in the Cafe too! She worked the kitchen like a pro while I sat at the table as her customer.

Pretend City is a “No Cell Phone” environment. There are signs everywhere to remind parents to put away their phones and just enjoy their children. This is such a good reminder as we begin summer vacation. While spending time with the kids, put the phone away for a while and just be with them 100%. They don’t stay little for very long!

Jessie is 5 years old. Pretend City is perfect for babies, toddlers, preschoolers & early grade schoolers.


Adults & Children: $12.50
Infant to 12 months: free
Military & family members: $9.50
After 4pm: $4.75


Pretend City
29 Hubble Irvine, CA 92628

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