In memory of Tyler Kirkland

The unthinkable happened. On the night of Tuesday, September 2, 2014… Tyler Kirkland texted his parents & friends, then took his own life. He left this world way too soon. A 10th grader at Irvine High School. Son to Dean and Kristi. Big brother to Ashley. Friend to many at his school. He played baseball, made films, played video games, did all the things most boys his age do. He had the biggest and sweetest smile. I never had the opportunity to meet Tyler. We are friends with Dean and our daughter Marissa is friends with his sister Ashely. I just recently became friends with his mom, Kristi. This tragic event has hit our community very hard. It doesn’t even seem real. You don’t think this sort of thing could happen to you or anyone you know. I learned more from his mom, that it was a combination of things he was going through. Tyler internalized his feelings and was having a hard time for years. But the bullying didn’t help. I can’t even imagine what he must have been feeling inside. And the heartbreak that his parents are feeling during this difficult time. I am so sorry for their loss. I pray for them. We aren’t supposed to outlive our children. We are supposed to go first. Not the children. They should never feel such a pain that they don’t want to live any longer. Bullying. It’s just a thing we read about, we tell our children if this happens to them, tell someone. It’s not easy to tell someone. The fear of making things worse by telling. All those fears. This bullying has got. To. Stop. Hug your children tight. Tell them they are beautiful. Tell them it’s okay.

The Memorial Service for Tyler is on Saturday in Lake Forest at Saddleback Church at 10am.
If anyone is interested in attending, the event details are on Facebook:

Here are some photos that I came across, shared by Dean and Kristi:

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I thought about Marissa’s Talent Show performance when she was 10. She dedicated this song to anyone who has been a victim of bullying. Rest in peace, Tyler Kirkland. xoxo


  1. Karen Bennett Garcia says:

    As soon as ALL our nation’s schools actually start enforcing all their “Zero Tolerance” polices, maybe then these bullies will actually see some repercussions from their horrid behaviors. I hear stories from my high school-age child, about kids who consistently bully the same kids RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE TEACHERS and NOTHING is done to put a stop to it. She doesn’t hesitate to speak up to the bullies, but then they turn on her and call her a bitch.

    I would like to think these are isolated incidents – but based on the daily news reports, I doubt they are.

    Note: Whether it’s in a classroom, on a field, at a park or in a home… ANY adult who witnesses a child being bullied, and makes the conscientiousness choice todo nothing about it…. SHAME ON YOU!

  2. Happy Homeschool Momma says:

    It’s human nature to have a pecking order but kindness can be learned. But where are they supposed to learn it? We don’t give kids the role models they need to live a kind, peaceful life. Turn on the TV, watch movies, all involve bullying.

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