Stuck in Love Starring Greg Kinnear

 Title: Stuck in Love – 2012

Genre: Romance, Drama

Where I watched it: It took me a few sessions on Netflix to finish 
When I say this one took a few sessions on Netflix to finish, it’s only because I’ve been busy. I would put it on while doing the laundry, or for a chunk of time before going to bed. 

This movie was a wonderful romantic movie that ended with me sobbing in tears with unpaired socks on my lap. I wasn’t crying because I couldn’t find the matching pairs either. 

This was a tale of a divorced man/accomplished author (Greg Kinnear) who was waiting for his ex-wife (Jennifer Connelly) to come back. The story focuses mainly on his struggle to get over his wife while trying to connect with his college aged children. The brother and sister are played by Lily Colins and Nat Wolff. 

I enjoyed the stories of the siblings who are writers like their dad. They both develop relationships of their own which I won’t spoil. 

Kristen Bell plays a neighbor of Greg Kinnear’s character and makes a few of the scenes quite fun. (Which I also won’t spoil.)

If you like a good chick flick with a dash of cynicism and a tear jerking finish, you’ll be quite satisfied with this one. 

I give this 5 out of 5 Purple Hearts. 


Did I cry? Yes. Did I laugh? Yes. 😆


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