Real Friends. Real Life.

Sheesh, I haven’t blogged in ages. Not because I haven’t had anything to share, mostly because I haven’t had the time. Life has me pulled in so many directions these days. As 2016 comes to a close, I think it’s the perfect time to gather my thoughts and reflect. Even though I couldn’t have picked a more busy time of the year to do so.

This year has been weird. I have attended less social media events, and hung out with less “social media” people. By choice? I think so. Because I’ve been so busy driving Marissa to auditions all over Los Angeles, making sure Jessie gets to attend her karate classes twice a week, having fun with family and managing all of the other things I do like carpool duties and volunteering at school… I have blogged less and was invited to less events because of it. So instead of hanging out at events, mingling with people who I’m not that close to… I have reached out to a handful of my dearest most genuine friends and have spent time in smaller gatherings or one-on-one time with them. You know what? It really is all about quality, not quantity. Eventually, time becomes such a precious commodity, you value it more, and become more picky about how you spend your time and with who. Even though this past year has been spent with less people, I find myself happier and free. Free to focus on what really matters.

2017 is going to be all about quality! No more bullshit. No more fake people in my life. Just real friends. They know who they are. And I’m grateful for them in my life. I can grab a boba with them, go for a hike, or have a drink (or two) with just 1-3 girlfriends and have a wonderful time. So if you want to spend time with me, just reach out! But don’t say it and not do it. There’s nothing more annoying than that. Let’s hang out for real. And be real. I love everyone close to me in my life. And I hope to grow old with all of them. Even though it’s less than 2 handfuls of people. That’s enough for me. Real friends. Real life.

If I don’t jump back on my blog before the holidays, Merry Christmas!!! See you in 2017.


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