My name is MaryAnne and I’m addicted to purple.

I’ve been an at home mommy for over 13 years. My 2 girls Marissa (13) and Jessie (7) bring me so much joy. My husband Jim cooks for me, makes me laugh and thinks I’m beautiful without my makeup on. What more could a girl ask for? I’m also founder of WhyThisRide.com, an automotive website. I ♥ Apple, cars, running, the beach, Disneyland, all things creative and techie.

Find me on Twitter @MaryAnneWendt. The best way to keep up with me while I’m mobile is on my Instagram. I post all my iPhone pics there. For more of my social media links, visit my About.me page.

Our daughter Marissa bakes. Check out her website at SugarNoms.com. I drive her to commercial auditions in Los Angeles. It’s a lot of work but also lots of fun. She’s signed with Stage 9 / DDO Artists Agency and attends OCSA for their Integrated Arts conservatory.

Marissa’s work page: Marissa-Angelina.com and her About.me page is About.me/MarissaAngelina