Knott’s Spooky Farm Family Fun for Little Ones #SpookyFarm

It’s Halloween time. Everything is about zombies, ghouls, blood-sucking vampires and all that gore. What do you do with your little ones, between the ages of 2 and 11 that aren’t into all those terrifying things? Take them to Knott’s Berry Farm during the day! At night, the park is transformed into Knott’s Scary Farm, which is not intended for young ones or weak-hearted adults. BUT, during the day, the park is all about the kids! They call it “Knott’s Spooky Farm” and it is just that. Spooky. Not scary at all!

Kids up to age 11 are encouraged to wear their fun Halloween costumes to the park and enjoy the festivities. Mom and Dad, leave your costumes at home. This is all about the littles! Take the kids trick-or-treating at the Ghost Town where friendly townspeople will greet the families with yummy candy!


Our little lady bug Jessie enjoyed chatting it up with everyone and enjoyed her treats!


At Spooky Hollow, there’s a fun maze to walk through, filled with pumpkins, scarecrows and a crazy rotating pumpkin tunnel!


Jessie’s teenage sister Marissa had fun too! Making holiday memories at Knott’s has been the best part of these events.


You can go to any pumpkin patch for Fall photos. But when you visit Knott’s you’ll not only find beautiful places for your family photos, there’s so many fun things to do to. Rides and activities for everyone to enjoy and you’ll remember those giggles forever!

Here’s the Knott’s Spooky Farm Fun Map to guide you!

Highlights include:

  • Ghost Town Treat Stops – for trick-or-treating
  • Creepy Crawler Cabin – reptiles, bugs and all kinds of creepy things
  • Spooky Hallow Maze – great place for photo opps
  • Monster Masquerade Ball – Costume contest and dance party with karaoke!
  • “Monsters Are Coming Charlie Brown” – show at Camp Snoopy Theatre


We found Snoopy!!! Our favorite part of the whole day!


Knott’s Spooky Farm runs every weekend from 10:00am to 4:00pm. It’s included with your admission or Season Pass. For more info visit:

Happy Halloween!!!



Snow White at Ebell Theater


What:  Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

(Director: Laurie Holden / Choreographer: Amanda Murphy / Musical Director: Elena MacDonald / Costumer: Julie Onken / Sets: Lewie Stier, Clay Davison & Paul Holden)

When: Oct. 12, 2014 (closing show)

Where: Ebell Theater – 625 French Street, Santa Ana, California

Cost: $10.00 show only / $15.00 with Tea Party (pre-order online)  or $12 show only / $17.00 with Tea Party (at the door, check or cash)

I was sorting the mail on Sunday morning, and came across my Ebell Theater post card and realized it was the closing show for Snow White. Since it was Jessie’s (age 6) last weekend of her Fall Break, I thought it would make for a fun Mommy-Daughter outing! So we put on our dresses and headed out for a Tea Party and Show.


Jessie picked out her dress.

Jessie was so cute as she picked out a dress in her closet. It was a pink and fancy! We haven’t been anywhere dressy in a while and I noticed we didn’t have any dress shoes that fit her. We found some ruffle socks and paired them with her sparkly sneakers. Perfect! I braided her hair and finished it off with a bow in the back. Jessie looked like a Princess! She was so happy to have some Mommy time.


Pretty hair!

We arrived at the Ebell Theater at 12:30. They have an optional Tea Party that is held in a separate room at the theater, one hour before the show. It’s from 1:00-2:00pm. Cookies, tea and lemonade is served. The characters walk around the room and greet the guests. There was a fun Q&A game, similar to the game show “Jeopardy” with kid friendly categories related to princess and Disney stories. There were a couple of large groups celebrating birthdays and some wore tiaras as part of the birthday party theme. How fun! Even the Mommies wore tiaras.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We sipped from our tea cups and had a lovely time. Pinkies up!

Soon it was time to enter the theater and take our seats. Before the show started, there was a raffle ticket drawing and 2 winners won a Princess themed goody bag and a 3rd winner received a cash prize. We didn’t win anything, but Jessie politely clapped for the winners. I prepared her for the fact that we may not win anything, and it’s good manners to clap for others if they win. A good lesson to teach the kids.


6 tickets for $5.00!

Speaking of learning opportunities, attending shows also gives our kids opportunities to behave properly and practice their etiquette. It’s not only fun, but a great place to be polite and social. 🙂

The show was an hour long. Perfect for little ones. Not too long and very entertaining. The cast is young and talented, ranging from 5th grade to 12th grade from schools all over Orange County. Jessie loved the story and laughed a lot! Carmella Manapat, who played Snow White was so cute and sang like an angel. The Evil Queen, Bria Booth was mean and hilarious!

After the show, the characters were lined up, sitting in chairs and guests could wait in line for a Meet and Greet. The actors autographed the playbill or cast photo, which was available for sale for $1.00.

Actors signing autographs

Actors signing autographs

For more information about the shows at Ebell, visit their website:

You can also look into auditions if your child loves Musical Theater! Next show:  “Christmas in Neverland” opens December 13th!

What a fun day with Jessie! Next time we’ll plan ahead and attend with some friends!

Tea Party & Show at Ebell!

Tea Party & Show at Ebell!



Knott’s Berry Bloom to bring in Spring!


Spring has arrived! Where can we bring the whole family and have all kinds of fun? Knott’s, of course!Enjoy Knott’s Berry Bloom is happening April 12 – April 27, with extended hours of 10am to 10pm! We’ll be there this Saturday to enjoy the Boysenberry Festival at the Ghost Town, dancing at the Bloomination Dance Party and Jessie can’t wait to join the kids (ages 3-11) at the Easter Beagle’s Enormous Egg Hunt! There will be food and wine tasting as well. Entertainment by Krazy Kirk and the Hillbillies at the Birdcage Theater will be awesome! Play giant board games at the new Boardwalk near Xcelerator or make a splash at our family favorite, the newly renovated Timber Mountain Log Ride. There really is something for everyone!

Would you like to take a virtual ride on the Timber Mountain Log Ride? Here it is!

Purchase your tickets or….  even better —> Season Passes to enjoy Knott’s all year round! Click here for info:

See you there!

Knott’s Berry Farm
Address: 8039 Beach Blvd, Buena Park, CA 90620
Phone: (714) 220-5200

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Halloween Fun for Families in OC: Knott’s Camp Snoopy #CampSpooky

Camp Spooky logo

Looking forward to spending time at Knott’s Camp Snoopy for Halloween! During the month of October on weekends, Knott’s transforms Camp Snoopy into “Camp Spooky” with plenty of fun activities for the whole family. This daytime, non-scare celebration is best suited for kids ages 3-11.

Highlights include:

  • Snoopy’s Costume Party – kids can show off their costumes and hang out with friendly monsters and the PEANUTS Gang.
  • Charlie Brown’s Spooktacular Show – at Camp Spooky Theater, enjoy singing and dancing to fun Halloween music
  • Monster Factory – the whole family can explore a fun interactive maze
  • Trick-or-Treating location throughout Camp Spooky – 5 locations to pick up some sweet treats
  • Creepy Crawly Critter Cave – check out slimy, crawly critters here, if you DARE!
  • Scary Stories at the Lodge – creepy, silly tales read by a spooky story teller
  • Kooky Cookie Painting – yummy cookie decorating (small fee for this activity)

You can enjoy all of the above plus exciting kid-friendly rides at Camp Spooky!
Our 5 year old daughter, Jessie just loves all the rides.
{{ Check out her happy face on every ride in photos from my blog post last year. }}

What’s even better than enjoying Knott’s for the day with the family? Access to the park all year round! 2014 Season Passes offers unlimited access to Camp Spooky, exclusive event invites that happen year round and other cool perks. You can purchase Season Passes online at Prices are so affordable, starting at $72.00 or take advantage of the installment payment program of just nine payments of $8.00!

See you at Knott’s Berry Farm!!

Here’s my footage from Camp Snoopy 2012.. Enjoy!! XOXO



Camp Spooky runs weekends October 5-27 and is included with regular park admission.
Knott’s Berry Farm Theme Park hours are 10:00am-5:30pm.
Address: 8039 Beach Blvd, Buena Park, CA 90620
Phone: (714) 220-5200



Fun things to Do: Pretend City

I took Jessie to Pretend City this week and we had so much fun! I decided to take all the clips I shot of her & created a mini show called it “A Day With Jessie: Pretend City.”

You won’t find anyplace more kid friendly than Pretend City. Everything is kid sized and designed to let you explore your imagination.

Lots of pretend establishments to see:

  • Bank with ATM to withdraw pretend money
  • Ralphs grocery store
  • Farm
  • Construction Site
  • Amphitheater complete with costumes and a working sound & light board
  • Art Studio
  • Health Center
  • Post Office
  • Fire Station with Dispatch Center
  • Marina – fun water play area!
  • Cafe – Jessie loves to play restaurant!
  • Police Station
  • Gas Station
  • Beach

So much to do! Jessie spent about 3 hours visiting each area and was so entertained. Her favorite spots were the Marina and Cafe. She loved playing with the toy boats and fishing pole with magnetic fish. I loved watching her build the most amazing felt pizza for me in the Cafe too! She worked the kitchen like a pro while I sat at the table as her customer.

Pretend City is a “No Cell Phone” environment. There are signs everywhere to remind parents to put away their phones and just enjoy their children. This is such a good reminder as we begin summer vacation. While spending time with the kids, put the phone away for a while and just be with them 100%. They don’t stay little for very long!

Jessie is 5 years old. Pretend City is perfect for babies, toddlers, preschoolers & early grade schoolers.


Adults & Children: $12.50
Infant to 12 months: free
Military & family members: $9.50
After 4pm: $4.75


Pretend City
29 Hubble Irvine, CA 92628