Random: Keyboard Car

What is that? It’s a car covered with computer keyboard keys! It even has colored keys and has designs on it. This project must have taken a very long time. Where does one purchase that many keyboards for this geeky project? I spotted this car at the Asian mini mall off Jamboree and Alton in Irvine. All I wanted was an Iced Sea Salt Coffee at 38C Bakery. This strange and unique sighting was an added bonus to my day.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Wine Tasting in Temecula

Wine Tasting in Temecula

Hello friends! Just wanted to send out a message here and say “Happy Valentine’s Day!” I hope you do something fun with your special someone today. And if you are single, do something special for yourself or with a friend! 🙂

A lot has been happening these days. I have not taken the time to blog here and I need to spend some time here, I miss it! Like working out, I gotta get a blogging routine in. Working out and blogging on here are 2 things that I would love to do more of. So I will try my best not to be such a slacker.

I just created a FB page called Purple Ways. Please “like” it if you are interested in cars, purple things and other cool things or events that I come across. That is all for now. Have an amazing day!